Penelope Amanatidis is a Melbourne-based, multidisciplinary designer, with foundations rooted in conceptual print and digital design.

She has always been drawn to creative pursuits, studying acting at NIDA in 2014 and studying photography at Universidad de Barcelona in the summer of 2019. These creative pursuits naturally led her to Graphic Design, which she has always had a keen interest in before taking breadth classes at RMIT and taking on personal projects to practise using Adobe softwares, before enrolling at Shillington to get her certificate in Graphic Design IV.

Her daring and playful approach helps craft design solutions that are original and outside of the box, but serve strong purpose. When she’s not challenging herself with design projects, she loves to embroider and take photographs of her friends.

If she’s not glued to design softwares, you’ll most likely find her at a bouldering gym with her friends.
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